Tuesday, August 18, 2009


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"I think now there is a scarce array of talent in the heavyweight division. These Europeans, these Eastern Block guys, they have really dominated. There really hasn't been an American in a while. We definately need an American champion in that respect...the heavyweight division needs to be broken up into two halves with one being above 240 and the other below 240 or maybe even 230 because you have guys cutting down from 260 to 240, you know? People are just getting bigger and the heavyweight division, well, let's see, if we look at the smaller weight classes, it's like 119, 122, 125, 130, 135, etc. and the heavyweight division is 200 to too many. It doesn't make a difference. You can weigh whatever. I mean 7', 300 lbs. and he can fight a guy that is 6', 200 lbs. I mean, people are just getting bigger. I think boxing needs to expand the heavyweight division. They need to create a Super Heavyweight division," stated former heavyweight contender Jeremy Williams as he shared his thoughts on the current state of the heavyweight division. Check it out!

NS: Jeremy, how have you been?

JW: Good man. Just relaxing in my life.

NS: Man, you've accomplished so much in your career. I don't even know where to start. How about Bully Beatdown. How is that project coming along?

JW: Sure man, Bully Beatdown should be starting filming in another week or so. Jason [Mayhem Miller] is cool to work with. From there, I've got my t-shirt line coming out and I am also working on a instructional Boxing and MMA stand-up DVD for Ringside magazine.

NS: How has your experience been with your TV projects? You've got Bully Beatdown now and you were also a coach on The Contender.

JW: Bully Beatdown has done a really, really good job and is a great show. It is done by the same people as The contender; that's actually how I got the job. You know, Bully Beatdown is for a diffenent audience. It's for a younger crowd. It's an MTV show. It's more fun than to find a great fighter.

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