Monday, January 25, 2010

Haitian-Canadian David Loiseau talks MFL, Haiti and the road back

January 25, 2010
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Haitian-Canadian David Loiseau talks MFL, Haiti and the road back

The devastating earthquake that shook Haiti last week has reached someone on every corner of the globe. Though he’s based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, middle weight fighter David “The Crow” Loiseau was shaken when he heard of the earthquake that hit there last week. Part Haitian, Loiseau still had family on the island country and was anxious to hear news of their well being.

“I have family there, and friends there,” said Loiseau. “So my life has been on pause since last Tuesday. Even though my immediate family is healthy and they are alive; there’s a hundred thousand dead bodies there it’s not going to be safe for the next few months. People are hungry, people are thirsty, it’s not a peaceful place to be.”

Though the country he holds so dear has been ravaged by devastation, “The Crow” wants to be an inspiration to fellow Haitians and help them realize that there is something to fight for. Though aid is slowly funneling in, Haitians can take it upon themselves to start the process of rebuilding by helping fellow citizens and fighting to keep the peace while so much havoc is engulfing the tiny island.

As a means to help Haiti, Loiseau has offered to take a “big” fight and donate all the proceeds to help the victims in Haiti.

“I would be willing to fight on a big show and donate every single penny from my sponsors to my fight purse, everything,” said Loiseau. “To inspire people, especially the people of Haiti to fight their fight and to know the MMA community is behind them.”

Taking that fighting attitude, Loiseau heads into his first fight in nearly a year on February 27th in Montreal. His last fight was a unanimous decision loss to Ed Herman at UFC 97 last April. Coming off that loss, “The Crow” has reevaluated his strengths and realized that going into this fight, he needs to focus more on his ground game and get stronger in that aspect.

To prepare himself for his return after 10 months away, Loiseau is working with Firas Zihabi and Bruno Fernandez. Though he’s just learned who his opponent is, he is more than prepared to fight on the 27th of February.

“With the caliber of people I train with, I’m ready for anybody,” stated Loiseau. “I just need to make some adjustments.”

To help with the crisis in Haiti go to or text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10* to the Red Cross.

*The $10 is charged to your mobile bill and will be reflected on your next monthly statement.

Listen to the archive of MMA Scraps Radio with David Loiseau, Ryan Bader, and CB Dolloway.

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