Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MMA goes Hollywood

MMA goes Hollywood

Wednesday Nov. 7th the World Cage fighting Organization put on an exciting mixed martial arts event at Circus Disco in Hollywood California. This event brought out many Hollywood celebrities such as Christopher Masterson (Francis from the TV show “Malcom in the middle”) and his brother Danny Masterson (Hyde from “That 70s Show”). Also in attendance was MMA legend Dan Severen, MMA fighter Jason Chambers (star of the History channel series “Human Weapon”), the New York Bad Ass Phil Baroni (who acted as announcer for the evening), former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe, and Jason Mayhem Miller.

Originally, three MMA Agents fighters were slated to fight on the WCO card. UFC veterans Tiki and Carmelo Marrero were to fight on the under card and former UFC champ Mark Kerr was to be the co-main event. However, Tiki’s opponent backed out the day of the weigh-ins and despite a scramble to find a replacement, Tiki was unable to find an opponent in time to participate in the event.

This was Carmello Marrero’s first fight since leaving the UFC. His opponent Rafeal Real was a WEC veteran with a dangerous ground game. Early in the fight Carmello was in trouble after Rapheal scored an early take down and sunk in a deep guillotine as Carmello attempted to stand back up. However Carmello defended well and was eventually able to reverse Rapheal, gaining dominant position. Carmello then overwhelmed Rapheal by raining down numerous unanswered elbows on his opponent while in his guard. At the close of the first round, despite a slow start, Carmello was ahead on the judge’s score cards. However, due to an inadvertent eye poke, Rapheal was unable to continue fighting and the fight was stopped by the doctors after the close of the first round.

Mark “The Smashing Machine” Kerr began his mixed martial arts come back by defeating Steve Gavin in 1:39 of the first round. Gavin was a powerful wrestler fighting out of Minnesota where he trains with “Team Bison”. Mark dominated this fight from the outset, landing a stiff jab on Gavin, which allowed him to pummel in and cinch a tight body lock. Once Mark cinched the body lock he used his considerable strength and years of wrestling experience to pick Gavin up and slam him forcefully to the mat. From there Mark passed Gavin’s guard and landed a variety of punches and elbows. After coming close to sinking in a kimura, Mark used a variety of body punches and elbows to set up a key lock, which forced Gavin to tap out before the end of the first round.

Overall it was a good night for the MMA Agents team. Both fighters had dominant performances and demonstrated the benefits of UFC experience. Both Kerr and Marrero have been invited back to fight on the next WCO card to be held some time in December.

By Nathan Brodnax, J.D., B.A., A.A.

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