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The Razor’s Edge: Rob McCullough’s MMA Blog

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“Razor” Rob McCullough of Huntington Beach is a former World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight champion.
He is one of the top lightweight fighters in mixed martial arts and he will be giving readers an inside look into the life of a fighter with his weekly blog.


My name is Rob McCullough.

I was born in Huntington Beach on May 26, 1977.

I am the former World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight champion.

I began my fighting career in 1996 in Muay Thai kickboxing.

Quickly, becoming a highly-decorated amateur champion and receiving the nickname “Razor.”

In 2001, I won the IMTC Intercontinental Muay Thai professional title, and later I fought in the pinnacle of the sport in K-1 at the Bellagio Hotel.

Currently, I am on my road back to regaining my WEC lightweight title.

As an active Team Punishment member and best friend and training partner to Tito Ortiz, my life has been pretty adventurous.

Since my last victory on June 1 at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, I have shot a movie, filmed a new reality TV show, trained with Josh “The Punk” Thomson for his StrikeForce title fight and impregnated my girlfriend.

Needless to say, I have have had a pretty crazy month.

Where do I start?

How about the movie. My agent calls me and says, ‘I have an apperance for you in Arkansas.’ I say, ‘Cool.’ When he says, ‘How fast can you get to the airport?’ I laughed.

He said, ‘Let me call you back.’ And that was the begining. He called me back minutes later to say, ‘OK, go to the airport. You’re in a movie.’ I said, ‘I thought you just said it was an apperance?’ He was like, ‘Oops, I don’t think you’re supposed to know but it’s for (the) new Ali G movie and you’re going as a celebrity guest.’

So I fly to Arkansas on Thursday, go to a fight that no one knows is actually a movie, watch some really funny stuff that you are going to have to go to the movies to see and then fly home on Saturday.

I have a very different lifestyle from the normal 9-to-5er.

Now, for the reality TV show “Any Town Beatdown,” starring myself and Tito Ortiz as well as Saul Solis, we go around the country and train two guys who don’t like each other for some valid reason. At the end of the show, the guys fight each other and then squash there problem.

The pilot we just shot was a high school bully and his tormented victim. They happened to train at the same gym, Hollywood Jiu-Jitsu.

Long story short, it was a scrap and made some great TV. Look for the show on the G4 channel soon.

Let’s see, as far as me training with my buddy Josh” The Punk” Thomson, I went up to American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose where my boy trains to help him get ready for his highly-anticipated world-title fight against Gilbert Melendez. It was a week of hard training with some of the sport’s best fighters like Josh Koscheck, Bobby Southworth, crazy Bob Cook and trainers like Javier Mendez.

After training in San Jose for a week, I came home and tried to get back into the swing of things, teaching at my gym, H.B. Ultimate Training Center, and trying to get caught up with my new clothing line, Razor Clothing.

Getting back teaching classes to regular people as well as world-class and amateur fighters is what I do when I’m not traveling or training myself for a fight.

With my next fight lined up September 10, I began training like normal.

Wanting to really see Josh’s fight against Gilbert, I made last-minute reservations to fly up to San Jose to watch the fight.

From the first round to the fifth, it really seemed like Josh was on point with is game. He took the fight just about anywhere he wanted, standup or on the ground.

After a long five-round fight, it went to a unanimous decision in favor of my sparring partner and former opponent Josh “The Punk” Thomson.

I was glad to see all the hard work he put in paid off .

After the fight, my agent, Ken Pavia, and I went to eat tacos and drink a beer.

Then I flew home the next morning to get the news of my beautiful girlfriend, Erin, telling me we were goin to be parents.

To be continued …

P.S. Order some of my gear at or check out my gym at



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