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The Razor’s Edge: Rob McCullough’s MMA Blog (July 29)

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It was another week in the life of a guy who used to think he was normal.

After thinking about my training, I decided I was lacking the one thing that got me here: STRIKING!

So I called up my good friend and trainer, Colin Oyama.

I told him I was fighting Sept. 10 and could use some good-old-ass-kicking training.

Colin told me to be at No Limits Gym in Irvine at 5:15 p.m. to train.

I was there at 5:15 on the dot and, man, it was like old times. I saw a bunch of my buddies I trained with and some students who switched gyms.

The training was intense. I started by jumping rope for 15 minutes. Then I stretched for another 20 minutes. I did a 30-minute striking drill. I moved to different station every three minutes, from one guy holding a kicking shield to Thai pads and focus mitts.

After the 30 minutes was up, Colin instructed me to suit up and get ready spar. I put on my shin pads, knee pads, head gear and gloves and went another 30 minutes straight. I switched opponets every three minutes. I worked on taking some down and I started on the ground for others. The rest of the time I was on my feet kickboxing.

I did this kind of training all week along with my morning workouts, which includes a four-mile run and doing Jiu-Jitsu for an hour.

In the afternoons, I got in a couple full-body weightlifting circuits, too.

One of my main training partners and Rampage Jackson’s head wrestling coach, Zach Lyte, also fought on Friday in the City of Montebello. It was a star-studded event for the Sparr Star Promotions at the Quiet Cannon Country Club. Zach came out and banged with his opponet, dropping him with a big hook but not finishing him. They had a great exchange of punches and Zach was getting the better of the standup. But he was also getting a large gash on his forhead, leaving him a little out of his game. Zach ended up losing his first fight but he learned a lot about his striking abilites. “Live and learn.”

After that, I went home and rested up before my flight to las vegas to watch Bryce Krause, who is one of my sparring partners and first fighter I ever trained to fight, at the Las Vegas Hilton. on the card was also Romei Adanza, Jared Lara and No Limits Gym’s Shane Del Rosario were also on the card. Shane was fighting for the I.M.T.C. heavyweight title.

As I sat and waited for the guys to fight, I thought about all the history at the Las Vegas Hilton and all the times I’ve been in huge fights either getting ready to fight or cornering one of my boyz. And I thought … hmm … I guess it could’ve been worse. Unfortunately, the night was an upset except for Shane stopping his guy in the second round.

I spent the rest of the evening texting my friends and fellow combatants, inspiring words of wisdom. Vegas isn’t the same when you’re sober and in training mode, so I spent the rest of my time playing blackjack in the high limits area at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Now, I’m just counting the days and preparing for war in September. It looks like my fight will be at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Fla.

Well, I’m off to the gym to train and to get some more orders shipped out of MMA apparel from my clothing company, Until next time and if you are bored go to you and watch my hightlight reels.




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