Thursday, August 28, 2008

PRO MMA Exclusive: Razor Rob McCullough

Originally posted by promma — published on August 27th, 2008
by: Jack Bratcher

In February of this year, “Razor” Rob McCullough lost his WEC lightweight title to Jamie Varner in an upset. The odds were stacked against Varner but he was able to pull out the win and take home the title. Four months later “Razor Rob” stepped back into the cage and got back on the right track with a win over Kenneth Alexander at WEC 34.

“Razor Rob” wants that title back. As far as he’s concerned, the loss to Varner was a fluke that never should have happened. On September 10, Rob will face one of his toughest fights to date and it will be the deciding factor if he gets an immediate title shot or has to climb back up the ladder. PRO MMA got the opportunity to chat with Rob and he explained just what this fight means to him and what kind of fireworks we can expect to see.

Rob also lets us in on some personal details about himself you may not have known such as who he would most like to fight and what is one of his favorite books. The answers might surprise you.

PRO MMA: Thank you Rob for taking the time to speak with us at PRO MMA.
Razor Rob: Hey anytime.

PRO MMA: When I as an MMA fan think of Huntington Beach a few names pop in my mind…..Tito, Tank, and Razor Rob. Were you born and raised in Huntington Beach?
Razor Rob: Why thanks. I take that as an honor. Yes, I was born and raised in Huntington Beach and have the tattoo to prove it.

PRO MMA: Punishment Athletics is one of your sponsors is that right? How long have you known Tito and what is your relationship like with him these days?
Razor Rob: Yes Punishment is one of my big sponsors. Tito and I have known each other since high school. He’s a little older than me but I lived with friends in high school and Tito’s girlfriend, Heather, at the time had a brother named Mike who I lived at their house. So Tito and I ran into each other often. Nowadays he and I train at Huntington Beach Ultimate together on ocassion and we are currently shooting a new reality T.V. show called “Any Town Beat Down” soon on the G4 channel. Other than that, he’s one of my best friends and mentors.

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