Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Razor’s Edge: Rob McCullough’s MMA Blog #7

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Wow, well its been a few weeks and life is always changing for the better.

I was training my butt off for my Sept. 10 fight but the WEC decided to postpone the fights to Nov. 5 due to the hurricanes in Florida,

I got the call on the Friday night before we were supposed to fly out to Florida that the fight had been postponed. My agent called me and said, ‘Well, you’re not fighting now until Nov. 5,’ and I said, ‘You’re kidding me … right?’ He replied, ‘NOPE!’

I hung up the phone, called my training partners and we headed off to San Diego where the ASR trade show was taking place. We checked in at the Hard Rock Hotel and I checked out of training for a few days.

The ASR trade show is about action sports and now MMA. I got to listen to a few of my friends speak on the business side of marketing MMA into action sports and some other interesting stuff. After getting some great business ideas for my own clothing line, my friends and I headed back to the O.C. to regroup.

The long ASR weekend ended with some great stories and pics too. But being home and trying not to train was blowing my mind. I did it so I wouldn’t overtrain.

So I decided to take my crew on a cruise to Mexico. I kept getting texts about this “Kandy Kruise” from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico. It was promoted by the guys who throw the Playboy Mansion parties.

I booked the tickets and we set sail for a weekend of fun and the last hooray until my fight in November.

Needless to say the trip was a blast and I got back into training full speed on Monday.

Since the ship docked I’ve had a huge Razor Clothing photo shoot with our newest hot model, Lexxi Tyler.

And I’ve really been taking my training to a whole new level. I’m excited to fight Nov. 5 on Versus and get that belt back!

Stay tuned for more and if you wanna see pics from any of my stories! or order some of my gear go to razorclothing.tv or myspace.com/robrazor.

- Razor Rob

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Blogger madheartmma said...

Your clothing line looks pretty pimp...I've just started a clothing line.
"MADHEARTMMA". We whatch every fight and always say "that dude has mad heart! Mad heart, something you can't teach you just got it or you don't. You got it R.R. Best of luck, get the belt back! Peace.(out of the ring)

8:43 AM  

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