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MMA Interview with Razor Rob

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Boxing Herald: Rob, what’s up man?
Rob McCullough: Just living the dream bro.

Boxing Herald: Tell me about the upcoming fight with Donald Cerrone. What do you know about him and what are you expecting?
Rob McCullough: I’ve had a great camp. Good training partners. I’m looking forward to it being a good fight. Looking forward to winning it as well.

Boxing Herald: I see all of his wins are by submission, so he’s probably looking to take you down pretty early huh? I’m sure he doesn’t want to stand with you.
Rob McCullough: Yeah, I’m sure he’d like to. He’s probably thinking, take me down and pull guard as early as possible.

Boxing Herald: How do you feel if that happens? Do you feel good about your ground game matching up with his?
Rob McCullough: For sure. I brought in an extra sparring partner with long limbs. Super tight jiu-jitsu game. Good wrestling partners. I’ve got good stand up guys, thai boxers that are over six foot. As far as a game plan goes…I’m gonna do my thing. I’m not gonna be too set on a game plan…what if it doesn’t go my way…the way of my plan. What then? I gotta be ready for anything.

Boxing Herald: I was watching some highlight videos of your Muay Thai days before you were fighting MMA. You were absolutely destroying people. What does it feel like to wreck your opponent like that?
Rob McCullough: When you train hard, you expect the best from yourself. When you get in there and destroy someone it’s the best feeling in the whole world. It’s like I trained for it, put the work in and then it happens…that’s a great feeling. Nothing get’s close to that.

Boxing Herald: Rob, when the critics of the sport read something like that, they would claim fighters have a unhealthy lust for violence and that ‘destroying someone’ per se, is taking the sport too far, what do you say that?
Rob McCullough: (Laughing) It’s a sport. It’s a chess match. We use our bodies instead of chess pieces. As far as violence…c’mon, it’s sanctioned. It’s regulated. There are rules. It’s not dog fighting. This is the way I pass my time. If I wasn’t doing this, oh god, what else would I be doing? People have different ways they get stuff off their chest. Some people see a therapist. This is what we do. This is what a fighter does.

Boxing Herald: Ok, we’ll say, when you win this fight, is the WEC telling you how long it will take to get a shot at Varner again…or whoever holds the title after his defense?
Rob McCullough: I don’t totally know, but I am assuming this is the unofficial contender fight for the title. I would think whoever wins here gets a shot at the title next. Hopefully, January that fight for the title could take place. That’s the way I’m looking at it.

Boxing Herald: What would a rematch with Jamie Varner look like? How would it be different?
Rob McCullough: Oh god, I will impose my will on him. I did not really do what I know I can do that first time around. Whether he has the belt or not, I wanna smash his face. I just gotta do my thing. Punch and kick him. Last time I would punch him or kick him and then shoot for the take down. That’s not me. I was sort of playing with him. I can’t do that next time. I gotta go back to doing what I do best.

Boxing Herald: So, you’re saying you don’t see a rematch going to a decision this time around?
Rob McCullough: No. Not gonna happen.

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