Wednesday, December 31, 2008's Top 10 MMA Fights of 2008 topped off by Razor-Cowboy

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10. Chris Lytle vs. Paul Taylor(UFC 89)-The was just a plain old rock’em sock’em stand up war which I’m usually not that big of a fan. However, both fighters here took shots that would make most men quit in the cage. I picked this fight more so for the heart of both fighters than the standup exchanges.

1. Rob McCullough vs. Donald Cerrone(WEC 36)-I finally had the opportunity to watch this fight when WEC showed their best of 2008 show on Versus the other night. This fight was unbelievable as both fighters took massive shots and were dropped multiple times. McCullough escaped submission attempts with Cerrone establishing himself as a legitimate threat to Jamie Varner’s WEC 155 crown. You couldn’t ask for more in a fight.

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