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The Top Ten MMA Fights of 2008

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9. Chris Lytle vs. Paul Taylor
Event: UFC 89
Result: Chris Lytle wins via unanimous decision.

This one is easy to summarize. Basically, it was a three round brawl in England!

Lytle continually pounded his adversary with huge shots that for some reason couldn’t do damage. On the flip side, Taylor connected with sharp, fast punches all fight long. By the end of things, both guys were as fatigued as you get.
That’ll teach them for taking the kinds of shots they took. Though Lytle won on the cards, no one truly lost this brawl.

And here's an interesting comment from the original article:

OnyxShadow says:
...I know you can't mention all the great fights of the year in a spot like this, but Razor v. Cowboy was a better fight than most on this list.

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