Friday, February 27, 2009

McCullough Expects Fast and Furious at WEC 39

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Two years ago, “Razor” Rob McCullough didn’t really care whether he was a champion or not. He fought for money, and because he was good at it.

“I have enough belts to start a department store,” he tells

But when the most meaningful belt of his eight-year career left him – the WEC lightweight belt – and slid further away in a bid to regain it, his priorities shifted.

There was pressure from passers-by, and his pride took a little hit. More than that, he says, the belt was a “good commodity.”

“Now, it makes me a little more hungry,” he says. “I know I’m good enough to be up there doing this, I’ve had it before, and I’ve been there.”

McCullough had two choices: fight through his plateau in comfortable surroundings, or put himself on unfamiliar ground.

The 31-year-old faces the stout "Wrecking Ball" Marcus Hicks at WEC 39 on March 1, and for the first time in his career, he will place his faith in fighters other than his usual Huntington Beach crew.

In January, McCullough moved to Las Vegas to join Xtreme Couture. He would not, as before, tire out his training partners. There were no kickboxing classes to teach. He was just another guy in the gym.

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