Friday, February 27, 2009

WEC 39 predictions and preview for ‘Brown vs Garcia’

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155 lbs.: “Razor” Rob McCullough (16-5) vs. Marcus “The Wrecking Ball” Hicks (8-1)

Both these guys have solid wrestling, as well as quick and powerful hands. They’re both explosive and they can both end fights with their hands or with submissions. This is probably the toughest fight on the card to judge.

McCullough’s hit a bit of a dry spell recently, losing two of his last three fights, but to be fair, both of those fights were to top level competition and both were extremely competitive.

In his most recent loss to Donald Cerrone, his chin was tested numerous times and he probably gained a lot of self confidence from that fight in that regard. That might not necessarily be a good thing against Hicks though.

Hicks hits like a truck. If Razor Rob gets too comfortable in the pocket and leaves himself open, Marcus definitely has the power to put him to sleep.

McCullough knows what’s at stake here though — he needs a win more than he needs an impressive win. Hicks’ stamina hasn’t really been tested yet. He’s never even been out of the second round. Meanwhile, Razor Rob’s last two fights have both gone to a decision.

The longer the fight goes on, therefore, the more it should favor McCullough.

Look for him to take sort of a Josh Koscheck approach to Diego Sanchez, where he’ll keep his distance and try to pick his spots, scoring points on his feet while adding some late round take down attempts for icing. Whether that plan will work against the “Wrecking Ball” or not is another story.

Final prediction: McCullough via unanimous decision

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