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"WEC 39: Brown vs. Garcia" official results and round-by-round updates

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Round 1 - Tentative start by the two fighters. Hicks takes the center and throws the first pawing jabs. McCullough feints a few right hands, but the offense is slow to come for the first minute. A brief flurry by McCullough misses. Both fighters patient, though Hicks throws a big overhand left and uses it to clinch. Both fighters battle for position in the clinch, and McCullough scores with a knee to the thigh. McCullough forces Hicks to the cage, but the action is slow and the bout is restarted in the center. McCullough throws a right and hicks answers with the left again. Both fighters trade a few close-range shots, but the crows is uneasy. Hicks again scores with an overhand, this time the right. McCullough throws a leg kick, but Hicks closes the distance immediately into the clinch. Slow action again forces a restart with less than a minute remaining. Hicks scores an overhand left, then a left to the body. McCullough very hesitant to return. McCullough scores with a swift low kick. A second just misses and time runs out. Not much between the two, but sees it for Hicks, 10-9.

Round 2 - Hicks again takes the center. Both fighters miss with a few punches, McCullough as well with a kick. Cautious action again, and Hicks drops McCullough with a stiff punch. Hicks immediately pounces and locks in a guillotine choke from half-guard. McCullough remains calm, pops his head out and starts to deliver a few stiff hands from top position. Hicks slips back and stands up. Hicks throws a punch that grazes McCullough, but the counter kick catches Hicks low unintentionally. Hicks takes a very short break and restarts. hicks misses with a big left hand. McCullough lands with a combination that finishes with a kick and looks much more relaxed. McCullough again scores as he moves to a clinch. Two minutes remain and McCullough again forces Hicks to the cage. It's an over-under clinch, and the action inside switches between the two. McCullough breaks the clinch and scores with another combination as he backs away. A high kick finds its mark for McCullough. McCullough looks comfortable and is now the aggressor. Hicks throws back, but McCullough is dominating the action. Hicks scores with an overhand left and McCullough answers with a flying knee as time expires. After being in trouble early, sees the round for McCullough, 10-9.

Round 3 - Hicks again takes the center and both fighters bounce on their toes as the action begins. Both fighters look to find range with their jab. No real offense one minute in, and the crows is again restless. Hicks misses with the left. McCullough now stalking, but time is winding down with the fight on the line. McCullough tries a high kick that misses. Hicks misses with a jab. hicks throws a left, McCullough answers with a low kick. Halfway through the round and neither fighter has earned the fight. Both hesitate to let their hands go, but McCullough starts to close the distance. Two minutes left as each fighter seeks a perfect blow. Referee warns he will call a no contest if the action doesn't pick up. Hicks moves in to shoot, but McCullough shakes it off and lands as he backs away. Hicks just misses with the overhand left. McCullough feints two Superman punches. Time winding down and McCullough lands a kick to the body. A very disappointing third round leaves the crowd booing, and sees a very slight edge to McCullough based on aggression, 10-9, earning him the fight, 29-28. Rob McCullough def. Marcus Hicks via majority decision (29-29, 30-27, 29-28).

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