Thursday, May 14, 2009

MMA Fighters Say "Knock Out Dog Fighting"

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Of course the picture I have chosen is a of a Boxer and not a Pit Bull.

It is a picture of a dog that has been loved by a little girl with an imagination much like I had when I was very young.

My dogs were members of my special front porch tea parties, had their own birthday cakes with all of my friends invited to their parties, Christmas stockings and presents, and were often entered in costume contests and or dressed up as babies and given rides in my brother's big blue baby buggy.

Some of you reading this may shudder when hearing of the indignities my pets endured, but no one can ever accuse me of putting one of my very best friends in a dog fight.

Fortunately, several MMA fighters such as Andre Arlovski, Tito Ortiz, Josh "the Punk" Thompson, Razor Rob McCullough, and Cung Le, among others, have joined forces within a group called "Knock Out Dog Fighting."

Since all of these MMA fighters love man's best friend, they are trying to see an end to the brutal sport of dog fighting.

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